About Coil


Coil Interior Material Supplier Co., Ltd. is a large-scale, comprehensive company that specializes in providing interior decoration materials for not only interior project construction but also in innovative design.  It is dealing mainly in draperies, accessories, carpets, wallpapers, roller blinds and leather, etc with exceptionally elegant quality.  Over the years, Coil has maintained a high level of professional standards, pursued to integrate traditionalism and trendiness, and strived to create the maximum value for customers. Coil has won the praise and trust of customers by virtue of its own strength, professional services and long-term reputation.

For 30 years, Coil Interior Material Supplier Co. Ltd. has set up branches in many mainland cities including Beijing, Shanghai,  Xian, Chengdu, Shenzhen, and Haikou, and subsidiaries offices in the U.S. and Australia.  Moreover, Coil has established a processing base in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen.  In addition to representing foreign brands, Coil has established carpet production base in Changzhou, Guangzhou, Xinjiang and draperies production base in Guangzhou after years of market research.   By fully integrating its resources, Coil has successfully established a leadership position in size, distribution, specialization and branding in interior design industry.

From now and onward, Coil will standby its management philosophy of “customer first, excellent quality, perfect service, and people-oriented.” It will also focus on maximizing branding effects to ensure a sustainable, stable and healthy development for the enterprise. Coil will strive to achieve this high level of pursuit and continue to work hard to preserve its leadership status in the industry.


Hong Kong Head Office

Hong Kong is known as “the Pearl of the Orient” in the world. Located in the downtown area of Hong KongIsland, Coil’s Hong Kong head office plays a leading role in the corporate structure.  In addition to making overall development strategy and decision-making on major issues, it is also responsible for all aspects of brand management including image design and promotion and establishing long-term customer partnerships with well-known manufacturers and major customers, setting up branches and developing markets at home and abroad, as well as expanding market share. The HK head office is also responsible for directing the operation of all the branches and supporting Coil’s development in the country as well as around the world.

Beijing Branch

The Beijing Branch is noted for its large scale and competitive strength. Capitalising on its advantage of being located in the national capital, it has It has established a close working relationship with many well-known and influential customers.  The Beijing Branch boasts a strong leadership team and a large number of well-trained professional staff including designers, technicians and salesmen. By virtue of its high-quality service and outstanding performance, the Beijing branch sets an example for many branches.

Shanghai Branch

With an all-embracing attitude, the Shanghai Branch has distinguished itself by  integrating lots of advanced decoration concepts from home and abroad as well as different Eastern and Western styles of decoration. The Shanghai Branch has been instrumental in many important decoration projects in the Shanghai and Pudong districts, and in actively developing markets along China’s eastern coastal areas. The Shanghai Branch plays an important role in the business expansion of Coil.

Chengdu Branch

Chengdu is an ancent cultural city with a history of more than 2300 years. It is another important branch in southwestern China. With the rapid developemnt of the urban construction, our branch has provided quality products and excellent services to all the decorative projects of many star-rated hotels and clubhouses.

Xian Branch

Xian is famous worldwide for its thousands of years of history and rich tourism resources. With its wealth of understanding of ancient culture, the Xi’an Branch is one of the most vital branches in the mainland. The branch has won the recognition of numerous hotels and guesthouses for injecting the ancient city with a new essence of beauty.

Shenzhen Branch

The Shenzhen Branch is an significant channel for Coil to promote businesses and develop markets in the mainland market and near to our  Hong Kong Headquater. It has vitalized the development and prosperity of the interior decoration materials market in the special economic region. Maximizing on the potential opportunities, the Shenzhen branch will continue to develop.