Coil acts as the agent for many superior leathers from home and abroad., mainly imported from Italian with every steps of the process from production to tanning,  dyeing up to final products, ensuring an aesthetic appearance.  We will ensure the high-end products with professional judgment in elasticity, good air permeability and softness under temperature variance testing.  We can also withstand high temperature and are rub resistant as well as easiness to clean.  In addition, “Coil” also provides various kinds of high quality artificial leathers.


Coil can provide customers with a wide range of leathers to meet their different needs.  These include full grain leather, corrected grain leather, embossed leather, leather with special effects and hair-on leather.  All the cow leathers provided by Coil are soft and elastic in nature.  They are also well permeability, warm in winter and cool in summer, soft and exquisite.  In addition, they are high-temperature resistant, rub resistant, light resistant , fade resistant and easy to clean. The leathers are specially treated to meet the international flame resistant standards.

  • Leather is highly absorbent of dirt, especially high-grade nubuck.
  • Wipe repeatedly with a wrung-out wet towel once a week.
  • If the leather is stained, wipe it with a clean and wet sponge dipped with mild detergent and then let it dry naturally. Try out the detergent on an inconspicuous place first before using it.
  • If drink is spilled on the leather, dry it with a piece of clean cloth or sponge immediately and wipe the leather with a wet cloth, and then let it dry naturally. Do not use hair dryer to dry it.
  • If the leather is stained with grease, clean it with a piece of dry cloth and then let the remaining grease clear off naturally or clean it off with detergent. Do not scrub it with water.
  • Do not expose the furniture that stores leather products to extreme sunlight to avoid cracking and color fading of leather.
  • It is unavoidable to have slight scars on the surface of quality leather.  You can soften that with the heat and grease of your hand.
  • If the leather product gets wet in the rain, wipe away the rain and put the leather product in a well ventilated cool place to air dry. Do not dry it by fire or in the sun.
  • If wrinkles appear on the leather product, you can set your iron to the temperature for wool to iron out the wrinkles with a piece of cloth over it.
  • The metallic hardware on the leather product can be cleaned with a piece of dry cloth.  If slight oxidation appears, gently wipe it with flour or toothpaste.
  • Patent leather generally only needs to be cleaned with a piece of soft cloth.
  • Shiny leather can be polished with a piece of soft cloth dipped with a little leather care oil.  Dull-finished leather can generally be wiped with a piece of cloth, and with heavy accumulation of dirt, rub with a rubber like eraser.
  • If the leather product is stained with black spots, can wipe it with same color leather dipped with alcohol.
  • Napped leather must be brushed with soft brush made of animal’s hair to remove the dust and dirt on the surface. If the contamination is severe, use a rubber eraser to gently spread out the dirt to remove it.