Roller Blind

Coil acts as the agent for various high quality roller blind sheets from France, the United States, Germany, Spain, South Korea and domestic suppliers.  It is also equipped to offer both imported and home-made high quality manual roller blind fittings and electric roller blind motors with fittings as well.


To ensure that customers’ needs are met, Coil can customize an operating system for the customers according to the on-site conditions. The hand-operating mechanisms provided by Coil are well designed, made of carefully selected materials with exquisite workmanship, and can operate smoothly. Moreover, they are not noisy and highly durable. The electrically operated mechanism has the same characteristics and is easy to operate, fast and well positioned.

The blind- slats that Coil supplies are mainly from France, the United States, Germany, Spain and South Korea. There are about one hundred kinds of blind slats on display in the exhibit hall for customers to choose from. All the slats are fire proof, environmentally friendly, easy to clean and durable. The slats provided by Coil are visually attractive and have excellent thermal performance that provides the best shading effect.


  1.  The side facing indoors should be dusted off with duster or cleaned with cloth dipped with detergent.
  2. The pulling cord of the blind can be cleaned gently with soft bristle brush.
  3. Protect the place with glue from water.
  4. If the following conditions prevail, adjustment and correction should be made promptly: blind frame is not installed in a horizontal position, the frame is not installed properly or the blind is not operating properly.
  5. If the blind is electrically operated, please protect the motor from water. If the motor accidentally contacts with water, please cut off the electricity and dry it completely before reusing