Coil imports the most contemporary wallpapers from world-renowned wallpaper manufacturers in the United States, France, Japan, South Korea and Belgium to help customers create a beautiful, comfortable, trendy and environmental friendly theme.

Nature is something that we always love and wish to enjoy it after a busy week. Especially when summer sheds its colours nature summons us to go outside and take deep breaths. Gulps of fresh air fuel our body and mind. Nature shares its secrets and takes away the every day stress and provides a blanket of calm.







  • Paper backed vinyl wallpaper

The vinyl cover (made of PVC) of this category of wallpaper is strong and uneasy to be damaged. It can be washed with water.

  • Paper backed foam vinyl wallpaper

The vinyl cover of this category of wallpaper is treated chemically to produce a three-dimensional bumpy surface which also has a sound-absorbing effect. It is not as uneasy to clean, damages easily and is more difficult to maintain.

  • Paper backed fabric wallpaper

The cover of this kind of wallpaper is made chemical fibers or wool, silk and cotton fabrics which look very soft and luxurious.

  •  Paper backed metal wallpaper

This kind of wallpaper is shiny on the surface but the paper at the back oxidizes and discolors easily and conducts electricity.

  • Fabric backed vinyl wallpaper

The back of this kind of wallpaper is made of hot-pressed gauze which adheres firmly to the back. This kind of wallpaper is strong and has good resistance to mechanical impact. It can also be brushed.

  • Fabric backed metal wallpaper

The surface side of the wallpaper is shiny and the fabric back is protected with a PVC film to prevent it from oxidation or conducting electricity.  It is easy to clean.

  •  Non-woven fabric backed metal wallpaper

This kind of wallpaper is smooth and soft and has a metal luster. Normally the wallpaper is not embossed and is currently in vogue.

Backs of wallpapers are fabrics back and papers back. And there are woven fabrics and nonwoven fabrics for fabrics back.
The manufacturers will analysis the wallpapers carefully before choosing which kind of backing and to use. If changing the backing will impact upon the effect, the manufacturer will not recommend any change in order to guarantee the quality and effect.