Being one of the largest carpet manufacturers in the world, the American Mohawk Group boasts many famous carpet brands including KARASTAN, LEES, MOHAWK, DURKAN, BIGELOW, etc. Capitalizing on high-tech design and world-leading technology, the Mohawk Group manufactures over thousands of products that can meet a wide variety of customers, specializing in unique characteristics comply with comfort and stylish.
Coil offers a great variety of carpets in all colors and designs. Over the 800 products in stock for the customer’s selection, which consists of nylon broadloom, nylon jet print broadloom, mixed (80% wool with 20% nylon broadloom, hand wool embroidered carpet, hand-woven wool carpet and modular carpet tile and so on. All the products have met all the international and national standards in environmental performance.



  • Classification by surface materials:

-Natural fiber carpet
  e.g. Wool carpet and Silk carpet
-Straw carpet
- Mixed carpet
     e.g. 80%wool with 20%nylon
- Chemical fiber carpet
-Plastic carpet

  • Classification by production technology: Hand-made Carpet & Machine-made Carpet
  • Machine-made carpets include woven carpet and tufted carpet.
  • Among all machine-made carpets, the following two are the most famous based on the braiding machines used: Wilton Carpet & Axminster Carpet
  • Classification by surface texture:  Loop pile、 Cut Pile 、Loop & Cut Pile